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At Waterskills®, we want people everywhere in our community to experience the power of sport of swimming through involvement, relationship and action..

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At Waterskills® we believe Swimming is a must have Life skill. We coach and tutor all skill levels from learners to professionals.


Swimming is a life skill

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Stroke Clinics


Water Skills stroke clinics are designed for people who have an established freestyle and backstroke who want to improve their form and technique

.Instructors will be in the water with you demonstrating and breaking down every aspect of the strokes in order to facilitate your understanding and performance.

Family class


Come as a Family, Learn a Life Skill and Have Fun!
Swimming is not just about having a leisure hobby or keeping fit. It could save a life, including that of your family members. Don’t let your family water activities become a tragedy. Equip your family members with the most appropriate swimming skills while you still can.

Learn To Swim


This class focuses on the most important, fundamental aspects of swimming such as going under water, developing a streamline body position, kicking, floating, and getting back to the wall after jumping in the pool. While practicing these swimming skills children will continue to strengthen their core muscles and develop gross motor skills.

Waterskills® Pool Services

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool maintainance
  • Pool Construction

We’re a specialist pool maintenance team ready to keep your swimming pool in great condition all-year-round

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"Efficient and professional support team has made my swimming experience much brighter. I look forward to new classes."

Mary Adesola


"I am 100% happy about enrolling my kids for training at Waterskills, Their trainers are well experienced and coordinated"

Festus Okoro


"My ever craving thirst for learning swimming has finally become a reality! Thank you for your fantastic and excellent service."

Dapo Adesoji


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