What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves carrying out exercises and specific physiotherapy techniques in warm water to help relieve pain, relax and strengthen muscles, increase circulation, and subsequently improve function. Hydrotherapy also allows adults and children who have limited mobility to maximise their mobility within the water.

This session is a form of physical therapy in the water supervised by our specialist trained in Hydrotherapy.

A referral from a physician and a Physical Therapy Evaluation is required to determine the readiness of the client for Hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy uses beginner level exercises and movements to facilitate rehabilitation and return from injury.

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A human body submerged in water will experience less weight than on land. How much reduction depends on water height. This results to low impact across the spine and other weight bearing joint surfaces.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy There are several benefits of hydrotherapy. Some of these benefits include: