Swimming is a low impact exercise

Because the water supports the swimmer’s weight; individuals weigh 10% less in water and this makes it an accessible form of exercise for those with mobility difficulties, for example those who are obese.



Buoyancy of the water

The buoyancy of the water also helps relax stiff muscles and reduces strain on joints and tissues thus lowering the risk of injury compared to other sports. Buoyancy supports the body reducing stress on the muscles and joints. While the buoyancy of water makes it a low impact sport, the pressure and resistance of the water makes the body work harder.


Swimming has been found to be a good method for preventing cardiovascular disease as it strengthens the heart. Swimming reduces blood pressure, thereby lowering the risk of heart disease. Other organs of the body to benefit include the lungs – length swimming requires swimmers to breathe in a deep and rhythmic way, meaning that swimming provides a good workout for the lungs.

Learn-to-swim programs


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