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Pool Repair We are a one-stop company for complete pool renovation. We replace damaged pool items with the durable and high-quality products and parts. Our pool technicians have the expertise for pool construction and reconstruction. Hire us for quality pool repair service! Leak Detection Leak detection and repairs are time-consuming tasks which are best handled …

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Design Gallery 1 Waterskills Waterskills Waterskills Waterskills Waterskills Waterskills Design Gallery 2Design Gallery 3Design Gallery 4Design Gallery 5Design Gallery 6Design Gallery 7Design Gallery 8Design Gallery 9Design Gallery 10Design Gallery 11Design Gallery 12Design Gallery 13Design Gallery 14Design Gallery 15Design Gallery 16Design Gallery 17Design Gallery 18Design Gallery 19Design Gallery 20Design Gallery 21

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PRIVATE LESSONS SCHOOL AGE ₦50,000 30 minutes/class 10 classes From 5 to 12 years Optional 1x 0r 2x a week If your child learns better in a one-one environment, we can accommodate you. Our private lessons are for children who thrive with individaul attention. Instructors will work with your child one on one to develop …

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