swteamIf you are looking for competitive swimming team, then you have certainly come to the right place Waterskills Sports Limited. Our team is a year round competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. Come and be a part of the fastest growing swim team and get a chance to take part in major swimming competitions. We are now looking for talented swimmers who set no limits for themselves. Train and grow with us today!
Our competitive swim team is now open for swimmers who have completed the WSL learn to SwimJourney 1-5 or the equivalent swimming journey. The focus of the training is on competitive swimming techniques, endurance, and stamina as well as how to save seconds on your swimming.
The mission of the WSL Competitive Team program is to strength our nation Nigeria through the positive development of youth in competitive swim training and instruction.
The program encourages development of the individual through goal setting, disciplined participation and performance improvement. WSL Team participants strive to achieve a unified team, recognition as a quality program and the highest level of achievement as they prepare for invitations, Nationals and beyond.
Why should you join our swim team?
We are growing rapidly and you get the chance to grow with us!
You get the opportunity to take part in major swimming competitions.
Your child will have the opportunity to further train on his swimming speed and stamina.