WSL Water Polo Club designed the following training programs to meet the individual developmental needs of our athletes based on ability, goals and learning pace. 


Ages: 10 & Under

Splash ball water polo is designed to introduce the sport of water polo to new athletes. Fundamental training followed by games and controlled scrimmages ensure that athletes have fun while at the same time developing and mastering the skills of the game.
Please Note: all athletes must be able to swim 100 yards (4 Laps) without assistance or stopping.
Monthly Dues: #5000
WSL Swim School

Learn To Swim With WSL Swim School

If you need help with your swimming stroke or just want to learn to feel at home in the water, please visit our WSL Swim School.
Please Note: new swimmers must be able to swim one length freestyle and one length backstroke.

Ages: 12 & Under / 14 & Under

WSL Water Polo Club Age Group Training Program focuses on developing the tools athletes need to achieve their own personal potential in a training environment that is fun, positive, and team-oriented. The WSL coaches work together to develop the fundamental skills of both individual and team play that is challenging, but not overwhelming.
Monthly Dues: $6000
Primary & Secondary School

Ages: Incoming 5 Upward

WSL Primary & Secondary School Training Program focuses on providing training that advances the fundamental skills necessary to have success at any journey. The Primary & Secondary School Training Program is comprised of athletes from multiple primary & secondary schools in South West, all with varying ability levels from Novice to Varsity. We encourage all Schools interested in training in an environment that focuses on confidence, attention to detail, and success through positive reinforcement to join WSL Primary & Secondary School Training.