The importance of teaching water safety from a young age

Teaching water safety from a young age is so important because it is key for children to understand the dangers in the water and therefore how to behave in the water.

We believe swimming is a non-negotiable life skill that parents should look to acquire for their children as soon as possible.

Whilst a range of extra-curricular skills are important for children to develop as rounded individuals, none are quite as vital and fundamental as learning to swim.

Swimming has always been a great recreational activity and in order for children to enjoy the environment they must feel safe.

We believe that it isn’t difficult to teach children to learn to swim and the main struggle we come across in this process is the fear of water.

Obviously, if parents bring their children at an earlier age it is more than likely that they haven’t developed a fear of water and so it is easier to teach them.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand that some children take longer than others to learn how to swim and they all eventually get used to it.

Learning how to be safe in water should be taken very seriously and we find fun ways to incorporate it into our games and swimming practices during a lesson.

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Ndame Julia Ibeh
Ndame Julia Ibeh
Olanipekun Toyese
Olanipekun Toyese
Lead Coach
Oyeneye Abel
Oyeneye Abel

Efficient and professional support team has made my swimming experience much brighter. I look forward to new classes.

Dr Kayode Isola

I am 100% happy about training at Waterskills. Their trainers are well experienced and coordinated

Mary Adesola
Mary Adesola, Ibadan

My ever craving thirst for learning swimming has finally become a reality! Thank you for your fantastic and excellent service.

Dapo Adesoji
Dapo Adesoji, Lagos
Waterskills, beside NTC, ibadan
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