Special Needs Swimming Lessons

We do conduct swimming lessons for people with special needs, such as lower learning ability and Autism. The class is conducted either in a small group or individual lesson where our instructors can give full attention to the student.
Swimming lessons help children with special needs in physical, social and emotional development. It also promoted self-esteem, happiness and can lead to positive social outcomes.
This group of children requires patient understanding as well as a well-thought plan on the lessons for them to adapt well. Parents’ involvement in the lesson for group class is necessary.

Why should we teach special needs children to swim?

  • We want our children to be safe around water
  • To provide quality early childhood intervention

How do we conduct the lesson?

Individualized Attention

Each child has his or her unique challenges. We strive to make learning comfortable at their own pace. Parent involvement in group lesson is necessary.

Survival Skills

These skills shall equip student to handle unwanted accidents.

Limit Distractions

Environment with least distractions often allow students to learn better. Hence, the lesson will usually be scheduled on timing when swimming pool is less crowded.

Adapt to the Needs

Lesson to match the ways each student learns best.


Deviations from normal schedules to be planned in advance, as specific and predictable routines are most comfortable for students.

Water Confidence

Lessons to build confidence and independence in them.


Macaulay Olamide
Macaulay Olamide
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Oyeneye Abel
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Olanipekun Toyese
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