Family Swimming


Come as a Family, Learn a Life Skill and Have Fun!
Swimming is one of the greatest aspects of life. It is not just about having a leisure hobby or keeping fit. It could save a life, including that of your family members. Don’t let your family water activities become a tragedy. Equip your family members with the most appropriate swimming skills while you still can.

Family Swim at Water Skills is designed to encourage whole family to learn swimming together. Parents and children can take this chance to interact with each other and have fun! It keeps your family member bonded together


⦁ You can subscribe a family swim pass for 10,000 per month ( 1x a week )
⦁ You can subscribe a family swim pass for 15,000 per month ( 2x a week )
⦁ This pass allows up to 2 adults and 4 children (of the same immediate family) to swim for 60 min.

We do offer make ups, but the days/times we offer are not guaranteed to work for
each family’s individual scheduling needs. A limited number of make ups are offered when parents submit prior absence notifications. We also offer make up days on Good Friday, Easter-Monday, Works Day, IdelFitr, Democracy DAY, IdelKabir, (announced yearly). Make ups can NOT be used to extend a session. If you are not renewing for the next session any unused make ups will expire on the last day of the session that your child is enrolled in. The summer session is sold separately therefore unused make ups cannot be used during the summer session.


⦁ Family swim passes are for immediate family members only.  If you have a nanny that can swim and you would like them added to  your family list please contact us and we can give you those details.
⦁ Family Swims must be scheduled with the office to avoid overcrowding the pool (please contact or stop into the back office).
⦁ All scheduled family swims will be confirmed via contact as soon as they are booked with office.
⦁ Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied in the water by an adult.
⦁ Parents may observe children ages 6 & up from the viewing room as long as the child is Turtle level or higher.
⦁ A non-swimming child (has not yet achieved the clown fish level) must be accompanied by an adult, no matter how old he/she is.
⦁ For every 2 non-swimming children there must be 1 adult in the water (ex: 3 non-swimming children= 2 adults in water — 1 swimmer + 2 non-swimmers= 1 adult).
⦁ NO jumping allowed.
⦁ NO diving allowed.
⦁ NO toys from home allowed.
⦁ No throwing children in the air while in the pool or on the pool deck.
⦁ Proper swim wear and caps are required for all female swimmers.
⦁ We reserve the right to change and edit these rules based on the safety of our patrons.



For Students 1 year up to 3 years with no certificate OR a Clam certificate

January 2022
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Schedule is subject to change


Water Skills offers a seasonal program during the school year months and a separate summer program.


Our seasonal lesson program runs from February – November and we offer 3 sessions. Session #1 runs from February to mid April, session #2 runs from May to July, session #3 runs from September to November. Each session is 10 weeks long. Registration occurs 2 weeks before the start of each session.


We offer a summer session from the end of July through August, typically 12 classes (a session). The summer program is a great opportunity to get your child at Water Skills. The summer schedule offers unique programs with more flexible scheduling, and privatized instruction. Registration occurs in mid- July.

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