⦁ 60 minutes
⦁ 5 students per instructor ratio
⦁ Optional 1x or 2x a week


• For students ages 5 years to 12 years old by the session start date




Parent and Guardian Supervision
Parents/Guardians must remain onsite whilst child is completing swimming lessons at our swimming

Make-up Lesson Policy
Make-up lessons will only be permitted under the following circumstances: The Swim School office must receive a minimum of 12 hours written notice, via call, text message or email prior to the
commencement time of the lesson to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
• Students cannot have more than one makeup lesson per term.
• Make up lessons can only be taken within the enrolled term in which the original lesson was missed,and then, only if there is a position vacant. We cannot guarantee that times or teachers will be available to suit your needs.
• No make-up lessons or credits for missed lessons are available in the Holiday Program.
• Make up lessons won’t be available during inclement weather.
• Lessons will not be held during storms or other dangerous conditions, at the pool staff’s absolute discretion. In this circumstance the we will endeavor to provide the student with a make-lesson in the current term.

Medical Considerations
You must inform the Swim School Office of any medical condition or other issue that could impact on the safety of your child and their participation in the class. This is the responsibility of the career or guardian of every participant. It is essential for the safety of all participants in the classes.

Lesson Cancellations
Class numbers are the major factor in determining whether or not a class has to be cancelled. In the event that the chosen class is not 50% full, a Swim School staff member may request the student transfer to an alternate class. The cancellation of any lesson is at the sole discretion of the Pools and Facilities Supervisor.

Assessments & Progression
Students will be placed in an appropriate journey for their ability at the beginning of the program.
The program allows students to progress through the levels at their own pace. Students won’t have to wait until the end of the term to be assessed. Once the criterion for progress has been assessed and met, the student can move up subject to availability in the next Journey. Teachers will assess a student when they believe the student is ready to progress to the next journey. In the weeks following that assessment, an Assessor will observe the student. If the Assessor agrees that the student is ready to progress, we will check the availability of the new journey and notify you.

Lane & Teacher Changes
We want to provide students, careers and guardians with a consistent experience. However, there will be occasions when teacher or lane changes may be necessary. Please note that we cannot guarantee teachers from term to term. All teachers working at the Waterskills undergo regular training days to
increase their knowledge and high teaching standards. No refunds will be given if we have to make changes to lanes or teachers


Schedule is subject to change

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