Our passion for empowering children and adults

Water Skills Sports Limited passion for empowering children and adults to learn to swim, acquire good knowledge regarding water safety, live fit and healthy lives are reflected in everything we do. We realize that the toughest step is often taking that first step into the water, and that’s why our programs feel more like communities. Here, you can be yourself, go at your own pace and get the inspiration and support you need to achieve your best every day.

Our goal is to guide you to success while giving you the tools that will allow you to thrive. We deliver comprehensive swimming experiences that are not only challenging and motivating, but also fun and inviting. So whether you’re looking to get back on track, start fresh or simply not sure where to start, you’ll always be welcomed. Let us connect you with results that help lead to a stronger, bolder, and more incredible you inside and outside the water.

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The Main Reasons to Practice Swimming:

Swimming & Water Safety

The importance of swimming lessons for water safety can’t be overstated. Everyone and especially children should be able to swim. Sadly, drowning has been discovered as one of the causes of accidental dealt this in children and adults. That’s also why you should never let a child play in the proximity of a pool or a pond unsupervised.

The Psychological Benefits of Body

Are you curious about the psychological benefits of swimming? Besides the obvious health benefits of swimming for your body, swimming is also very beneficial for the mind.

The Health Benefits of Swimming

Are you curious about the health benefits of swimming? As you may be aware, swimming has the reputation of being one of the best sports to maintain a healthy body.

Swimming for Recreation

Swimming is a great recreational activity for people of all ages. Recreational swimming can provide you with a low-impact workout and it’s also a good way to relax and feel good.

Swimming is a life Skill

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The importance of teaching water safety from a young age

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Our Classes

Waterskills Swim School
School Swimming Program
tue, thu, sat 06pm - 07pm
Adult Swimming Lessons
mon, wed, fri 04:30pm - 05:15pm
Family Swimming
mon, wed, fri 04:30pm - 05:15pm
Special Needs Swimming Lessons
thu, wed, sat 07pm - 08pm
Private Lessons
thu, wed, sat 07pm - 08pm
Stroke Clinics
mon, wed, fri 08:00am - 06:00pm

My ever craving thirst for learning swimming has finally become a reality! Thank you for your fantastic and excellent service.

Dapo Adesoji
Dapo Adesoji, LagosClient

I am 100% happy about training at Waterskills. Their trainers are well experienced and coordinated

Mary Adesola
Mary Adesola, IbadanClient

Efficient and professional support team has made my swimming experience much brighter. I look forward to new classes.

Dr Kayode Isola
Dr Kayode IsolaClient

Our Teachers

Best Yoga Teachers are Here for You
Macaulay Olamide
Macaulay Olamide
Oyeneye Abel
Oyeneye Abel
Osoba Victoria
Osoba Victoria
Olanipekun Toyese
Olanipekun Toyese
Lead Coach

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