Who can participate?
Classes are open to anyone ages 16 and over. You do not need to have an exercise background or be in top physical condition to keep up. Workouts are designed so that individuals can scale back the intensity or really challenge themselves depending on their individual fitness goals.
What is the cost?
Individual classes are 1000 each. You can purchase a monthly pass for 4000 a class per week.
When are classes?
Classes are held Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday from 9-10am.
Do I need to know how to swim?
No, you do not have to be a swimmer to participate in aqua aerobics. Unless noted, classes are held in the 3’6” – 4’6” shallow end of the pool. Classes marked as Deep Water will be held in 7’-10’ and floatation belts. It is highly recommended that you are comfortable in deep water and have basic swimming skills before taking this deep water class.
What do I need to bring to class?
You must have proper swim attire (swim suit and cap). No denim, basketball shorts, or cotton permitted in the pool. A water bottle is also recommended. We will provide all equipment necessary for the workout.
How many calories will I burn in a class?
This will vary based on individual characteristics and the intensity of the workout, but estimates range from 250-500 calories in an hour.
Do you still have class in the rain?
We will only cancel class if there is thunder/lightning, or high winds or other inclement weather that causes us to close the facility. Other than that, we exercise rain or shine!
What are the class sizes?
Class sizes vary y season and weather, but we cap classes at 20 participants. This enables us to provide a high quality workout with proper instructor supervision, pool space, and equipment.
I have a medical condition, can I participate?
You should discuss this with your doctor before beginning exercise. With a doctor’s clearance, water aerobic is a great low-impact way of exercising for those who are pregnant, have had joint replacements, have arthritis, or many other conditions. While this is a group class, you can adjust the workout to fit your individual needs. Please speak to the instructor before class and he or she can provide suggestions and/or alternative moves to fit your needs.