Water Skills offers a seasonal program during the school year months and a separate summer program.

Swim Journey program is our method of teaching swimming and it sets us apart from the competition. This method is unique to our program and is based on our extensive research and as well as years of experience teaching children of all ages, levels, and abilities.

Our primary focus, when developing our Swim Journey program, is to help prevent drownings by giving opportunity to children and adults to learn how to swim and acquire good knowledge regarding water safety. We have broken down the fundamentals of learning how to swim into small achievable milestones. This allows our students to be challenged individually, one step at a time, based on their own personal development, and the goals that we have set for each level.

To accompany our Swim Journey program, we have designed a badge and certificate achievement system that tracks and rewards our students’ individual progress. Our students have the opportunity to earn different badges /certificates when they master a specific group of skills. As children grow and develop they take on more challenges, achieve more badges/certificate, and advance to higher levels. Our levels will take your child from those first days of water acclimation all the way through mastering all 4 competitive strokes.

Swimming is a life skill

Our Classes
mon, wed, fri 06:30pm - 07:45pm
Learn To Swim
mon, wed, fri 06:30pm - 07:45pm
Stroke Discovery
tue, wed, fri 07pm - 08pm
Stroke Development
tue, wed, fri 07pm - 08pm
Stroke Clinics
mon, wed, fri 04:30pm - 05:30pm
Pre Team
mon, wed, fri 04:30pm - 05:30pm

Efficient and professional support team has made my swimming experience much brighter. I look forward to new classes.

Dr Kayode Isola

I am 100% happy about training at Waterskills. Their trainers are well experienced and coordinated

Mary Adesola
Mary Adesola, Ibadan

My ever craving thirst for learning swimming has finally become a reality! Thank you for your fantastic and excellent service.

Dapo Adesoji
Dapo Adesoji, Lagos
Waterskills, beside NTC, ibadan