Aqua Aerobic & Choreography

Water exercise is a form of an aerobic exercise that is usually performed in the shallow water like in a swimming pool. The exercise uses water as a form of resistance especially for exercises that are commonly performed on land, such as jumping jack or running.
Water exercise may give equal benefits for those exercise routines done on land but is safer and features low risk for injuries to the human body’s joints and other muscles. There are many people who would opt to go for water exercise in building toning their body physique and lose weight as well.
Water exercise is a great way for you to safely get your body into shape. An instructor usually stands at the pool deck demonstrating different leg, arms and core exercise routines as a class of exercisers stand in a chest deep pool. The routine is usually done rhythmically with music. Weights can also be incorporated in workouts.
The WSL water aerobic exercise session typically run for about thirty to sixty minutes, starts with a warm up session where cardio and stretching routines are performed and eventually ends up with cool down routines.
Some of the popular advantages of water exercises include the following:
• Increases the body’s flexibility qualities
• Reduces risks for accidents and injury
• Reduces stress on joints
• Enhances body posture and balance
• Helps reduce blood cholesterol and sugar levels
• Helps controlling a person’s blood pressure levels
• Reduces stress on the body joints because of decreased weight bearing
The buoyancy of water efficiently supports almost ninety percent of the body and anyone can perform this type of exercise routine regardless of age, health condition and fitness levels. Overweight clients often enjoy water exercise because it reduces the stress on the ligaments and joints thus decreasing risk for unwanted accidents and injuries.

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